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Troubleshooting Flash Player

One of the most successful and widely used application players today is Flash Player. As a widely used application, one thing that needs to be addressed is the problem on Flash Player Errors. Therefore, there is a need for an article regarding this subject matter. Below you will find some basic information regarding flash player, common problems encountered, and some ways on how to fix them.

First of all, let me explain a little more about what the Flash Player is.

What is Flash Player?

Flash Player is a multimedia and application player manufactured and distributed by Macromedia. Multimedia is a division of Adobe Systems. You may not realize that Flash Player is used in your PC but it most likely is because Flash is a common format for games, animation, and graphic interfaces embedded in website pages. Macromedia Flash Player is quite a popular utility used by the programmers these days for developing interactive type of websites. The Flash Player is also embedded in the web pages with the ActiveX control. Such controls would enable all programmers for including the functionalities and features in Internet Explorer Web pages which aren’t included as default. The Flash.oxc is ActiveX file that is used by the Flash Player 6 and the swflash.oxc is ActiveX file which was used by some earlier Flash player versions.


Certain common errors that might force you to look for some resolution methods include:

• Opening the Flash based sites or playing those Flash based games becomes difficult
• The system would be frequented by the error messages like “Flash component Flash.oxc is missing”.
• While opening pages those Flash based pages, you might be asked for installing the Flash Player even though a Flash Player installation has been already run a couple of times.
• Difficulty in installation or that applications (specifically web browsers) keep asking for the installation of Flash Player even if the PC user already has it installed!
• Either the flash animation isn’t working on the local drive, or it would work well locally and when uploaded, it wouldn’t display or get “1 item remaining” error type.


So what's the problem? Mostly, this means there's a conflict in your Windows registry. Maybe you installed a beta version at one time or another and so now that you're trying to get the latest Flash Player version, it's not overwriting it properly. It can also be that your web browser has registry issues that are preventing it from detecting that Flash Player is already installed in your system. Another potential cause of the problem is that even though you uninstalled a previous version of Flash Player, remnants of it are still recorded on your Windows registry, causing conflicts.

Below are also common flash player errors and their root cause.

Flash doesn’t work on the local drive:

Most common cause of this error is that template isn’t unzipped. Yet another common cause of improper functioning on the local drive is that .swf file is found missing or is deleted or is removed off. Make a check whether the .swf file is in website folder so also the flash.txt.

Flash player is not getting updated after edit:

If you have already edited .fla files and pages still aren’t opening up then there could be various causes to it. It is a possibility that only the .flv file was saved. Make a note that .fla file too needs to be published. You can check out help included in the Flash for getting more instructions on the publishing. Another possible cause is that you haven’t “moved” .fla files from Flash folder and in the main website folder before you have published it. The browser might not be updated either.

Flash works on the hard drive but doesn’t work after the upload:

Mostly you are getting the “1 item remaining” error in status area of the browser at bottom. Check out and make sure that you have uploaded the support files from the website folder to the hosting space. Flash.txt possibly with any one or all of logo.swf, intro.swf, sublogo.swf, or some other .swf files at the website folders must be all uploaded. So also the header.js or some other .js files should be uploaded. Learn the various problems related to the Flash Player and then fix the problems accordingly.

Fixing the errors

Although Flash Player is useful, you might consider uninstalling the current Flash player due to various reasons if the computer keeps showing messages like the Flash component Flash.oxc is missing. This would bring a need for upgrading the current version of the Flash player. You might also consider a clean install to fix all the problems with the current Flash Player version.

How to quickly fix flash player errors

The bottom line with any of these Flash Player errors is that you want them removed from your computer immediately without causing costly damage to your computer. To find the real cause, you have to dig deep into your Window's registry and see what's wrong and who has the time for that? Furthermore, it's tricky to fiddle with the Windows registry as you may be doing your PC system more harm than good! As such, it is advisable that you use a registry cleaner software regularly to ensure that your Windows registry is always clean and clean' and devoid of any clutter. There are many registry cleaner software programs out on the market today. What are these software programs for and what do they do?

In case you are not familiar with registry cleaner software, this is a something that will help to keep your computer running by repairing damaged and missing registry data. Your computer has a brain or central nervous system that is called a registry. This is where every file is stored that you have ever installed on your computer. This basically the command center trying to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Cleaning the registry with software such as Regcure would fix many flash related errors.

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